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загрузка лидов
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OS Version : Android 2.3 or later.
Size:  4.8 MB
Rated: 3+

Attention! E-mail sending and Applications in social networks only in agreement with the manager! — the largest company in the sector of e-commerce, carrying out on-line sale and delivery of fashionable clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics and perfumes. The assortment online-store has more than 2 000 000 900 goods and authentic brands. Today is a leading Russian Internet-shop of clothes and shoes. The success of the company is evidenced by such indicators as the turnover and traffic, which since March 2011 has increased to 20 million unique users. In 2014 it became part of Lamoda GlobalFashionGroup - holding companies created Kennevik, Rocketinternet and AccrssIndustries.

The dynamics of growth

  • 1000+  brands
  • 20 million+ visitors per month
  • 8 million+ uniqie visitors per month
  • 1,7 million+ newsletters per day
  • 1,9 million+ buyers
  • 1,7 million+ orders for the first half 2014 year

Advantages for customers:

Convenient for buy

  • Try before buy
  • Convenient return
  • Different pay methods


  • Original brands
  • Support 24/7

Excellent assortment

  • The most current collections
  • Promotions
  • Stylists
  • Fashion magazine

Official Android-app from - is more than two million items in the fashion on phone. Every day Lamoda offers discounts and promotions for all users of the application. With Lamoda online shopping has become even faster and more convenient!

Advantages of the app Lamoda for Android:

• Earlier getting all the information to learn about news and promotions!
• View the catalog fashion trends anywhere, anytime
• Get recommendations for the the most current trends from stylists
• Select items more quickly and more conveniently with the help of search by brand and cross-cutting filters for size, color and price 
• To make purchases in one-touch passing from shopping cart directly to the ordering

C 26.04 the connection of new webmasters with traffic from the social network groups stopped!

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Additional conditions:

Terms of accomodation:
- Advertising is not permitted in Yandex, Google, AdMob.
- SSP (disabled by default) according to a separate agreement can be included:
Smaato, Mopub, Inneractive, Inmobi, Tapsense, Tafi, Adiquity.
- popup/clickunder/redirect traffic, adult traffic, sms-sending, e-mail sending.
When placed advertisements is prohibited to use word combinations «NIKE», "REEBOK", "ADIDAS" and "discount" in all possible variations, and all derivatives of these words.
Advertising must not be misleading. It is unacceptable to specify specific brands / products with incredible price. Similarly - at discounted rates: discount on products must not exceed the actual action in the application / on the website. If the banner is an image product, then this product should be present in the directory Lamoda and the price for it shall be as specified in the banner (this also applies to situations where a specific heading is used to denote a whole category of products with an indication of the minimum cost for a given category of goods - eg , using images of heading [Beauty Girls Sandals value 1 990 rubles. directory] as a designation category "Sandals" in the banner must be specified in the price is heading (1990rub) rather than the minimum price of goods of the entire product category "Sandals" which begins on 990 rub).
It is prohibited in the text of advertisements / mailings exceed the size of the discount is greater than 70% (80-85-90 - can not)

Any uncoordinated posts in social networks will be punished with cancellation installs during the reporting period.

Restrictions for offers:

  • Accepted actions number per day to 500 (total by offer)

Offer news:

  • 24/05/2019, 12:31 Attention! Offer "Lamoda - [Android] - (RU)" increases the reward

    From May 24, 19 Offer "Lamoda - [Android] - (RU)" increases the remuneration up to 90 rubles for installing an application on Android.

  • 05/02/2018, 12:54 New banners in Lamoda - [IOS] - (RU) and Lamoda - [Android] - (RU)

    New banners were added. Please use they in your work.

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