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Details are in the offer description
Валюта: INR
ID цели: 12720 (Активна)
1.4-5.6 % максимум 60 дней
30 дней 100%
Paid order
Валюта: INR
ID цели: 14593 (Активна)
1.4-5.6 % максимум 10 дней
30 дней 100%




Buy Mobiles Phone, Computers, Tablets PC & Home Appliances online @ Lowest Price shop in India on is one of the biggest online marketplaces in India. The company was founded in in 2011, it has over 12,000 registered merchants retail 2,00,000+ products on the platform to over 42 million visitors every year across 9500 locations in the country.

Webmaster`s payout:

Default:1.4%  CPS
Jewelry, Watches, Beauty, Toys, Baby, Books, Daily needs (Max. Rs. 350):4.4%  CPS
Mobile & Laptop Accessories, TV, Audio & Large Appliances(Max Rs.700):1.4%  CPS
Mobiles & Tablets, Computers, Appliances (Max. Rs. 700):1.6%  CPS
Gold Coins & bars, Stores: Factory outlet, wholesale, NRH (Max Rs.350):1.4%  CPS
Home, Kitchen, Fashion, Footwear, Travel, Sports, Health (Max. Rs. 350):5.6%  CPS

Commission for Apple iphone 6S/6/6 Plus/5/5S/4/4S (WEB/WAP campaign sales): Flat 112

Be careful, the website will only open on mentioned geo!

Specific aims of the offer:
There are two goals in the offer, for tracked order and for paid order. You get commission for the paid order only. The purpose of adding two aims in the offer is to monitor the effectiveness of your advertising.

  • 60дней
    период обработки
  • 25 500 000
    пользователей ежемесячно
  • 50$
    средний чек
  • 1%
  • Optimized for Mobile
  • Wide product range
  • Best service
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Дополнительные условия:

1. COD sales are subject to successful delivery confirmation.
2. Bulk Orders Criteria used: For any product id in a particular day, if more than 15% of the complete orders(from your affiliate id) is from a single pincode, we’ll be flagging it off as Bulk Orders & no commission would be paid on those orders.
3. Commission for Apple iphone 6S/6/6 Plus/5/5S/4/4S from Dec (WEB/WAP campaign sales): Flat 112

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    Вознаграждение вебмастера составляет до 5,6% за оплаченный заказ.

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