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OS version: 6.7.0

App size: 44.4 M 
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Spend hours searching for food menu is over. On the iFood app you can find a restaurant, check the menu and also order your food. You can order very quickly and it says how long it is going to take to arrive. User can also pay by credit card, debit or paypal.  

- Order your food in thousands of different restaurants in a easy way;

- You can go through the menu and choose what you want to order;

- Exclusive promotions; 

- Safe and quick payment;

- Save more than 1 address for delivery in your account;

- You can send suggestions and informations through the app;

Join the offer now and start getting money! 

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    Looking for menus to order food has become a thing of the past. With iFood, you order quickly in any restaurant that suits your region. In a few clicks, you choose from a multitude of cuisines and dishes and you can be carefree while you wait for your food to arrive wherever you are. It's fast, it's easy and it's safe. And it's free.
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