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Descomplica - образовательный сайт, которым помогает получить отличные результаты в экзаменах по ENEM и Vestibulares. Наши студенты получают доступ к записанным урокам, живым урокам, онлайн обучению и письменному редактированию всех материалов высшей школы в порядке, необходимом для подготовки к поступлению в университет. 

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  • 28.06.2018 в 22:20 New promotion and banners in Descomplica!

    Intensive Enem R $ 15,90 / month
    Come and enjoy!

  • 20.06.2018 в 23:19 New coupon and banners in Descomplica!

    New coupon - 72% OFF
    Come and enjoy!

  • 07.06.2018 в 21:25 New coupons on Descomplica!

    • Bixo SP Power - Coupon 72% OFF
    •   Medicine Power - Coupon 72% OFF
    •   Enem Power - 72% OFF coupon
    Come and enjoy!

  • 01.06.2018 в 22:21 New banners and coupon in Descomplica

    New banners and coupons were added in the Descomplica offer.

    "Study to Enem with 72% OFF"


  • 05.04.2018 в 23:05 New offer - Descomplica


    Descomplica is the 1st largest digital education company in Brazil, the only present in all national territory and the fastest growing in the world!
    Our history begins in 2011 as an online education startup helping students from all over Brazil to get well in the ENEM and other vestibular, and since 2016 we have started to explore other categories in order to be present in other phases of the student's life and we launch a new business unit focused on public tender and OAB certificate.
    We continue to expand our portfolio of operations and help more people reach their goals through affordable, quality education. In addition to the categories mentioned above today we are present in the categories school, universities, post and life.
    We are passionate about teaching, developing, and empowering people - both for our students and our collaborators. Our main goal is to bring quality and affordable education in a fun way, creating a great education network and connecting as many people as possible.
    We also focus on consistent growth (volume, revenue, engagement), without losing the traits of the culture that were critical to get here, with startup agility and irreverence in the way of delivering content.
    Campaign Details:
    • Subscription fee paid: R $ 38 annual plan and R $ 15 monthly plan
    • Geo: Brazil
    • Materials available: banners, coupons and landing pages

  • 05.03.2015 в 22:56 Добавлено много рекламных материалов для оффера Descomplica - онлайн курсы.

    Мы добавили множетво рекламных материалов для оффера Descomplica
    Добавлены баннеры 
    Добавлен новый промо-код, действительный до конца марта (скидка до 60%).
    Добавлено много тематических лендингов: Биология, Химия, Португальский, иностранные изыки, история и другие.
    Поспешите использовать эти матералы! 

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