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Banco PAN (until May 15, 2013 it was called Banco PanAmericano) is a Brazilian bank, headquartered in São Paulo, founded by Senor Abravanel, better known as Silvio Santos, controlled from 1990 to 2011 by the Silvio Santos Group.
Banco PAN is now a Complete Digital Bank. It is fair and transparent, without those difficult words, small print and hidden tariffs, and the best, it costs nothing.
Open your free account now and ask for your CARD WITHOUT ANNUITY. And you can still count on credit when you need it most.


  • No annual fee credit card
  • Emergency limit loan when opening the account;
  • Personal loan;
  • Up to 30 transfers per month for free to any bank;
  • Up to 30 monthly withdrawals free of charge at 24 Hour Cashiers;
  • Up to 30 deposits per boleto each month.

Come and enjoy!

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