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Sal, Água e Alma - Accessories is an online accessory store that was born of man's inspiration and connection to the ocean. It is a genuine Carioca brand. Through the production of several exclusive quality articles and innovative designers, the brand stands out in the Brazilian scenario for its positioning totally focused on the Carioca Life style.
  • Various forms of payment;
  • Delivery throughout Brazil;
  • Customized products;
Come and enjoy!

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  • 01.09.2018 в 00:26 Increase in commission on Sal, Água e Alma - Acessórios


    The Sal, Água e Alma offer had a commission increase to 7% per confirmed purchase.
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  • 20.08.2018 в 20:16 New Offer - Sal, Água e Alma


    Sal, Água e Alma (SAL) was born from the inspiration of man with the ocean, it is a genuinely carioca brand. Started with 3 friends, each value differently. Rafael Senna is our creative in front of the collections, responsible for the design and quality of our products. Nathan Ethur makes a business as a brand representative and Pedro Scooby, our giant platform surfer, the ambassador of SAL, a perfect embodiment of what a brand stands for.
    • Commission: 3.5% per confirmed purchase
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