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A solution that offers freedom during the menstrual period. It is a reusable menstrual collector that replaces the use of absorbents. The Inciclo is flexible and adapts perfectly to the body, which makes the person forget that it is using.
  • Does not interfere with the natural moisture of the vagina;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • More economical
  • More practical;
  • Environmentally sustainable.
Come and enjoy!

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  • 29.11.2019 в 02:32 Black Friday: New Promotions in Inciclo - Feminine Hygiene!

    Black Friday: New Promotions in Inciclo - Feminine Hygiene!

    • BLACK FRIDAY: Coletor Menstrual Inciclo - Modelo A (2 unidades) - de R$198 por R$99!
    • BLACK FRIDAY: Kit 3 por 1: Coletor Menstrual Modelo B + Copo Esterilizador + Necessaire - de R$197 por R$99!
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  • 23.09.2019 в 20:35 The offer is back - Inciclo - Personal Hygiene!


    Inciclo is the largest brand of menstrual products in Brazil. Developed by a group of professionals dedicated to the specific issues of menstruation, the brand's panties are made of a technological fabric specially chosen for it´s power of absorption and bacterial control. Not only that, they have a discreet and comfortable design, combining practicality, hygiene and sustainability in one product.


    • Commision: 11% per confirmed purchase;
    • Geo: Brazil;
    • Materials available.

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  • 23.08.2019 в 21:35 Paused Offer - Inciclo - Higiene Pessoal


    The offer Inciclo has been paused due to the clients request.

    We will let you know when it returns!

  • 15.01.2019 в 16:59 New offers in Inciclo!

    New offers in Inciclo;

    • Pay 2 panties and take 3;
    • Pay 1 and take 2 menstrual pads;
    • 1 YEAR TO TEST;
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  • 07.11.2018 в 21:54 New promo in Inciclo!

    New promo in Inciclo!

    • Black Friday

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  • 30.07.2018 в 22:03 New promotion and coupon at Inciclo!

    • New coupon - Free Shipping;
    •   When you buy 2 panties you automatically win Free Shipping;

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  • 30.07.2018 в 17:40 Inciclo offer is back!

    Inciclo campaign is back and the commission is 11% on approved sales.

  • 19.07.2018 в 22:09 OFFER PAUSED - INCICLO


    The Inciclo offer was paused at the customer's request.
    When we return, we will let you know.

  • 11.06.2018 в 23:05 New offer - Inciclo


    Inciclo is the pioneer of menstruating collectors in Brazil, born 8 years ago! The Inciclo is the solution that offers freedom for all the women during the menstrual period. It functions as a reusable collector that replaces the use of absorbents. Offering more practicality, comfort, economy, besides being a sustainable choice. The Inciclo is flexible and adapts perfectly to the body, which makes you forget what you are wearing!
    It is perfect for all activities (including yoga, cycling, acrobatics, swimming, gymnastics, running and diving). You can also sleep with the Inciclo.
    The Inciclo is simple to use, it is inserted into the vagina and simply collects the flow. Can be used for up to 12 hours! Then just remove, wash and use again. As the Inciclo is in a lower position than an internal absorber, it facilitates the removal without dirt. You will not have blood contact and if inserted correctly, it will not leak.
    Produced 100% in medical silicone, it does not interfere with the natural moisture of the vagina and it is hypoallergenic, it does not contain chemicals, unlike ordinary absorbents. The use of the Inciclo also helps to reduce the risk of infections. The hygienic issue is another factor to consider: as there is no proliferation of bacteria while the blood does not come into contact with the air, it does not exude odors. The Inciclo can also be used by women with very intense flow, what will change is just the hygiene interval. It is not necessary to remove it to urinate or to evacuate.
    In addition, the Cycle is economical and environmentally friendly, since you have purchased one, use it for several years and no longer need to buy disposable absorbents.
    Inciclo is healthier for you, your pocket and for the planet!
    Campaign Details:
    • Commission: 11% per approved sale
    • Exclusive Campaign
    • Geo: Brazil
    • Banners available

    Enjoy the offer

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