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  • 29.03.2018 в 22:52 Deeplinks disabled

    The following offer  deeplinks have been disabled.

    • Linio PE/CO/MX/CL
    • Compra Certa
    • Consul
    • Trocafone
    • Spicy
    • Netshoes AX/MX/BR
    • Balão da Informática
    • Skin Ceuticals

    We apologize for the inconvenience.
    If you have any questions, please contact us!

  • 21.12.2017 в 19:22 New promos in Trocafone!

    New promos in Trocafone!

    iPhone 6 16GB spacial gray

    Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 blue

    Samsung Galaxy S4 i9515 black

    Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 white

    Samsung Galaxy S5 black

    Samsung Galaxy E5 4G Duos white

    Samsung Galaxy S5 New Edition Duos gold

    Samsung Galaxy A5 white

    Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos black

    iPhone 5S 16GB gray

    iPhone 6 64GB spacial gray

    Enjoy it!

  • 19.12.2017 в 16:21 New Campaign - Trocafone


    Trocafone is a Brazilian company with operations in São Paulo and Buenos Aires. We sell more than 35 thousand cell phones and tablets per month and we are present, through our partners, in more than 2 thousand stores, in addition to our main platform,
    The company Buy and sell new phones and tablets. It was born of a real need of people and our goal is to propagate a culture that values the pattern of sustainable consumption and a way of living more conscious. Lastly, it allows more and more people to have access to technology every day.
    Commission: 3.5% per confirmed purchase
    Postlick: 30 days
    Enjoy the campaign!

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