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Registration online
Conditions: Ages acceptés inclus : 25 à 75 ans Rachat < 1 an ET locataire
Валюта: EUR
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30.77 € максимум 60 дней
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Finanzen.fr offers Internet users a large network of several web portals enabling them to compare a wide range of financial and insurance products in various domains of everyday life, such as credit insurance, mutual insurance, or professional liability insurance.

Loans repurchase consists of collecting all the credits taken out in several financial institution in a single credit in a single bank.

Reward: 30,77 € 

Geo: France

KPI: No hosts
Minimum 1 CDI or 1 retirement or 1 TNS of more than 3 years in dwelling
Household income (all professional statuses are taken into account)> = € 1 500 / month
CRD conso> = 9 000 €
CRD conso + imo + treso> = 15 000 €
Min 2 credits (immo + conso)
No number of credit conso = 0
No bank card of France
Accepted ages included: 25 to 27 years old
Redemption <1 year and one renter
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    период обработки
  • 77.3K
    пользователей ежемесячно
  • 70€
    средний чек
  • 1.5%
  • Client orientation
  • Growing tax benefit
  • Reduce your taxes and invest in real estate
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