Cartão Zoom - CPA
ID оффера: 15312
Цель Выплата Обработка Постклик Процент принятия
Cartão Aprovado
Валюта: BRL
ID цели: 22268 (Активна)
19.6 R$ максимум 45 дней
30 дней 66.67%




Peça já o seu Cartão Zoom, o cartão sem anuidade e com menor preço garantido e até 1% de cashback.


  • Sem anuidade 
  • Proteção de preço 
  • Garantia estendida
  • Compra protegida 
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  • 24.11.2023 в 03:34 Black Friday - New Promotions in Cartão Zoom - CPA

    Black Friday - New Promotions in PAN Buscapé CPA Card! Make the most of this campaign!
    • Earn up to 1% cashback Activate your card and increase your limit for up to 6 months
    Come Enjoy!

  • 09.02.2023 в 21:31 New Promotions and Banners in Cartão Zoom - CPA !

    New Promotions and Banners in Zoom Card - CPA ! Make the most of this campaign!
    • Price Protection: Smart is finding a product at the cheapest price and being able to get the difference back!
    • Protected Purchase: Your product safely and protected against accidental damage, theft or qualified theft!
    • No annuity for you to spend on what really matters!
    • No annuity for those who receive from R$1,320!
    • Extended Warranty: Your products with more warranty, at no additional cost!
    Come Enjoy!

  • 09.02.2023 в 20:21 New Campaign - Cartão Zoom - CPA!

    Order your Zoom Card now, the card with no annual fee and guaranteed lowest price and up to 1% cashback.
    • Geo Brazil
    • BRL 19.60 commission per approved card
    • Available materials

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