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Affiliate program QUELLE – is a part of the world's largest holding company OTTO GROUP.

QUELLE is the leader in women's fashion all over the world who began his career since October 26, 1927 as a large catalog of clothing in Europe. The brand QUELLE will be 85 years old in 2012. Today, QUELLE offers a huge range of clothing, accessories, shoes and household goods from leading European brands such as Esprit, Apart, NEXT, TOM TAILOR and oth.

QUELLE brand retains its uniqueness and commitment of almost century’s tradition, continuing to create a collection of fashionable clothes and delighting their favorite customers throughout Russia.

The benefits of the affiliate program QUELLE:

Regular promotions, discounts up to 70% and sales.

Free catalogs all year round.

All orders are issued exclusively online, there is no possibility of an order by the operator's service.

Delivery to anywhere in Russia in the shortest time.

A wide range of shoes and accessories for the whole family and for every budget.

High level of service, the ability to exchange and return of goods.

A large number of promotional materials, interesting promotions, seasonal and off-season sales.

Conditions of affiliate program QUELLE:
Compensation for each paid order - 12% of the cost

Destinos (34):

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Condições adicionais:

1. Cash-back is not allowed, with some exceptions that need to be coordinated with the advertiser.
2. Traffic with low conversion is not Allowed from 13.12.2012 (less than 1 in 200).
3. E-mail delivery:
- Allowed only on an individual agreement with the advertiser and Actionpay! The coordination through the ticket system.
- Are not allowed to do partnerships mailing shares before the release of the official online store mail delivery!
4. Social Networks.
- Do not create a group on behalf of the Quelle.
- Do not create a group on behalf of the Quelle group of companies as part of Otto and inform the user and group equipment companies

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  • 18/02/2015, 11:24 New action from offer «QUELLE».

    18.02.2015 - 27.02.2015 Discount up to 15% on order, as well as gifts! Check the details in "Actions" section. New banners were added.

  • 03/02/2015, 16:58 New action from offer «QUELLE».

    02.02.2015 - 08.02.2015 Discount 20% and up! Sales of brand HEINE. Check the details in "Actions" section.

  • 21/01/2015, 14:25 Offer "QUELLE", "QUELLE мобильный лендинг" bans Context/Context ads for brand and Targeting network in social networks.

    From 21.01.2015 offer bans Context/Context ads for brand and Targeting network in social networks! Please accommodate this in the further direction of traffic to offer.

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