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"Chitay gorod" - a network of bookstores, successfully working in Moscow city and other Russian regions. And for today it is also a large online store of books! Now they can be ordered directly from the house, and at any time of day: day and night.

In the online store " Chitay gorod " there are books to suit every taste, age and budget. And that turned out to be a quick search, offers our handy directory. We are confident that our online store of books will not leave you indifferent. :)

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Notícias da campanha:

  • 04/03/2019, 18:07 Attention! According to the offer "Читай-город" is prohibited to place the promotional code "Дружба"!

    It is strictly forbidden to place the internal promotional code "Дружба"! In case of violation, all promotional code traffic will be canceled!

  • 07/02/2019, 16:50 Attention! New promotion in "Чтай-город" offer!

    10% discount on a selection of books by foreign writers.
    Terms of the action from 02/07/19 to 02/13/19
    Landing page and new banners are added.

  • 31/01/2019, 17:14 Attention! New offer from the offer "Read-city!"

    A 10% discount applies to books of writers whose last names begin with the letter of the day.

    Validity: from 1 to 28 February.
    Details in the section "Promotions".

  • 24/01/2019, 14:40 Attention! New promotion in "Читай-город" offer!

    10% discount on a selection of books by great writers!

    Dates: 01/24/19 to 01/31/19

  • 29/12/2018, 11:16 Attention! New promotion in "Читай-город" offer!

    10% discount on a selection of books that are rated by readers!
    Period: from 9 to 15 January.

  • 24/12/2018, 17:26 Attention! New promotion in "Читай-город" offer!

    Guess riddles, find the right pairs of words and get a discount for it from 5% to 15%! Discount can be shared with friends, so they too pleased themselves good books.

    More correct answers - more discount!
    Dates from 2 to 11 January.
    Landing has been added to the offer.

  • 13/12/2018, 14:47 Lucky Friday in «Читай-город»!

    20% discount on any purchases in the "Читай-город" online store 
     only 12/14/18

  • 27/11/2018, 12:34 Attention! Stock! "Lucky Friday"!

    For Favorite Buyer Card holders there will be a 20% discount for everything.

    Validity 30.11.18
    Also, new, promotional banners have been added to the offer.
    We wish you successful work!

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