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Выплата вознаграждения рекламодателем производиться только за нового пользователя, который зарегистрировался на сайте (без e-mail подтверждения регистрации) и оплатил на сайте партнера кэшбэк-сервиса заказ на сумму не менее 50 руб. или же на AliExpress - не менее 11 руб.
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Descrição:– its not fictional discountsor confusingbonus program.We haveit's simple:You buy the usual productsin the checked store sand some of the money they receive backinto your account. Allyou need is Lamoda, Aliexpress,Gearbest, Daughter and Son, ASOS, Ebay,Ozon,Labirint, KupiVIP, Mazeand many more! Children's stores,clothing and footwear, appliances and electronics,Western brandsand popular Chinese shopping Mall.Also, this is a goodto save money when booking hotels and tickets!

Benefits and

1) There is no minimum amount to be paid

2) The opportunities of the withdrawal. WebMoney, Yandex, Qiwi.

3) Quickaccrualof cashback. 24-48 hours.

4) The service is absolutely free

The benefits for publishers:

  • A popular service.
  • A large number of shops(more than600).
  • Attractive advertising materials.

*To make a purchase, You may with in 30 day safter registration. Pay only for the firstperfect purchase.

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Внимание! Использование контекстной и таргетированной рекламы, в том числе в социальных сетях, СТРОГО ЗАПРЕЩЕНО!