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Ucrânia (Exceto: Donetsk, Região Donetsk , Lugansk, Região Lugansk)

Descrição: - is home mail order, which is part of the largest group of its kind in the world - OTTO Versand of Hamburg. The bearer of the offer is a directory Bonprix, which the customer receives free on the first request.

In can buy almost any clothing and footwear, as men and women, and child, as well as household items (towels, rugs, bedding, etc.). In terms of price and quality, this online shop compares favorably with many other clothing stores, since you can buy high-quality and stylish things very cheap.
In Bon prix can make purchases without fear, since all the goods covered by the opportunity to return and claims. Products in the catalog, imported from all over the world, and all most of them produced in Poland.
Benefits for customers:
Stylish and a wide range;
Low prices;
Own call-center;
Simple return;
Various ways of payment and delivery.
Benefits for Webmasters:
Brand awareness;
Daily promotions and sales;
A large number of loyal customers and loyal users;
A high percentage of conversion, because purchases are made immediately, due to the attractive range bonprix;
New member of the club bonus of 50 hryvnia;
Modern and effective marketing materials.
10% discount on all purchases for the members of the club shopping Bonprix.
Target Audience: bonprix clients are primarily women, but also offers products for men and children.

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Condições adicionais:

Right to work with offerom - must-read! (From 08/10/14)

Allowed: targeted advertising and application Vkontakte; e-mail delivery as agreed with the advertiser; AdSpot / RichMedia / Sliding; teaser advertising; banner advertising; mobile traffic to the VC.

1) Pay attention! When working with offerom need to use different references for different traffic sources. Rules for forming links are described in the "Caution Instructions for creating your own Landing." Please read it carefully, as it affects the correctness of the transfer conversions. To create your own Landing you need to create your own link to the examples described in the "Important Instructions for creating your own Landing" and add it to "My Landing". If you have problems or questions - please contact customer support network manager or client.
In offer also added ready-promotional Landing Landing obnovlyayutsya.Kazhdy are constantly tied to a specific banner advertising in the added materialy.Prosim use it in them!
For social networks created special Landing, please pay special attention to this, depends on the correctness of the transfer conversions (Landing specially signed "for sots.setey")!

2) Pay attention! All letters to send creates advertiser. Conduct newsletter is permitted only after the negotiation and approval. For letters to send email request to support the network manager or advertiser.
Allowed to conduct only mailing databases that meet the following criteria:
- If the base store, users have agreed to receive e-mail not only the store and its partners;
- Users have given consent to the processing of their personal data.

3) Use of promotional materials Bonprix methods and objectives that contradict the legislation of Ukraine or other countries. Webmaster is solely responsible for all their actions using promotional materials Bonprix.

4) Pay attention! Not be used in advertising campaigns any pictures that are not on the page or website offera Bonprix. In particular, use pictures of goods that are not on sale on the site Bonprix, or any other homemade creativity.

5) When working with offerom allowed to use only those Promotional codes and promotions offered by the advertiser. Use of the RK promotional codes found in any other way - is prohibited!

6) For this offera forbidden to advertise on these sites:,,,,,,,, GOOGLE (contextual advertising and CCM), YANDEX (contextual advertising and YAN), MAIL.RU, Rambler.

7) Pay attention! Never direct the traffic to the VC to their landing page. To work with a VC can only use the pages Bonprix.

8) Advertising is not permitted on the public VKontakte.

9) Schedule of shares held as of December (dates listed below to offer in the new shares will be added, banner and Landing) .Prosim check for updates and alerts the network!

If you have any questions you can always contact the manager of the client or customer support network!

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