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MONEYVEO - is a new service makes it very easy to get a loan to a bank card at any place and at any time, even on weekends and holidays, just a few minutes. The service works completely online 24/7!
Loan conditions:
Loans of up to 5000 UAH. (Up to 2000 UAH. At the first call) for up to 30 days. All you need to get a loan - it is the bank card and Internet access.
Who can get a loan? Any adult citizen of Ukraine, having a bank card.
How to make quick decisions? The decision is made automatically within 15 minutes.
MONEYVEO constantly improving decision-making system, so even refused, we recommend re-apply to the service over time.
Customer benefits:
Honest transparency.
Ability to repay the loan early without commissions for early repayment.
High standards of data protection.
Partner Program Benefits:
Rapid confirmation of applications - online;
A high percentage of approval of applications;
Excellent monetizing your website and traffic.

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