Yves Rocher

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Yves Rocher - online shop of French cosmetics and perfumes, are based on natural herbal ingredients.
Yves Rocher Brand was created in 1959, and the first store opened in 1969, now in his company employs 15,000 people worldwide. In total, the company Yves Rocher located in three dozen countries, the company has a turnover of two billion euros. Manufactured product brands: Daniel Jouvance, Pierre Ricaud, Isabel Derroisné, Kiotis, Galérie Noémie.
Customer benefits Yves Rocher:
  All tools are manufactured in factories Yves Rocher in France in accordance with the high quality requirements;
  Exclusive offers at producer prices;
  Generous gifts;
  Ability to add to your order free products' samples to study the range;
  100% satisfaction of the order or reimbursement;
  Convenient delivery methods;
  Privacy Guaranteed.
Benefits of working with Yves Rocher:
A worthy reward for the order;
Bonuses for quality and quantity of orders;
Individual bonuses for partners;
Rapid confirmation of orders;
Providing monthly gift of shares (10 or more), which greatly simplifies the attraction of orders;
Providing exclusive conditions of the shares;
A large number of attractive banners which are updated monthly.

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