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WILDBERRIES – is a large online shop of fashion clothes, shoes and accessories, which has existed for more than 8 years, and began sales in Kazakhstan from August 2013!

The catalog contains more than 1000 leading fashion brands from around the world. Wildberries works directly with apparel manufacturers and authorized distributors, so ensure authenticity and the highest quality of products.

Wildberries offers more than 100 000 models of stylish women's, men's and children's clothing, shoes and accessories from the best fashion styles of casual style to the latest novelties from the world of high fashion. Catalog updated with new products daily.

The advantage of working with an affiliate program «WILDBERRIES»:

- High conversion and return customers.

- A huge number of brands and a wide range of products.

- User friendly interface - simple, convenient and understandable

- Quick order processing and delivery of goods throughout Russia - FREE. The possibility of ex and fitting.

- Convenient system of payment (cash, credit cards, web money and payment systems).

- Regular promotions and sales up to 70%

Working conditions with the affiliate program «WILDBERRIES»:

- Payment for formal order. Order must be correctly filled (read the name, the real phone number, e-mail address, and shipping address).

- Recommended target audience: Female, Age: 18+

- Strict GEO - all Russia   

Basic reward for registration of the order of 100 rubles.

Recalculation of remuneration is made depending on the quality of the traffic on the following criteria:

1. The proportion of new customers;

2. The share of sales to the conversion of 1 day;

3. The quality of traffic;

4. The transitions must be performed at the specified (s) in the source (s) of traffic.

We began receiving complaints that the prices on the banners does not correspond to the prices on the website, therefore requirement is not to use prices of the products, if they are not loaded automatically from feed!

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Condições adicionais:

1. It is forbidden to use the domain name Wildberries (and similar to him Wildberries.su, Wyldberries.ru etc.) In the name of public groups and social networks.
2. It is forbidden to create clones of the Internet site of the Customer and (or) use an interface similar to the interface of the website of the Customer.
3. It is forbidden to prevent illegal mass mailings (mail, icq, mass posting links, etc.) messages (spam), including an indication of a URL and / or the name of an Internet store or a similar URL.
4. Do not use contextual advertising on brand: advertising in contextual advertising system, queries and texts that use the brand name of the Customer and similar to him as: wildberries, vayldberriz, vildberriz, wyldberries, wildberrys, and others.
5. When using klikandera through a pad necessarily approval seals.
6. Do not use official sources advertiser (forums, groups, blogs, etc.).

1) Prerequisite: approval of the placed advertisements, including mailings.
2) Prerequisite for the placed materials: they must be from the site of the advertiser.

The content of mailings: 1) The cap must be a company logo, from which is sending. 2) Mandatory inscription: the representing our official partner; -News From our official partner or -Skidki and promotions from our official partners. 3) Title: Online store of clothing, footwear and accessories WILDBERRIES + our logo. 4) At the bottom of the unit should be explaining on what basis the client has received the newsletter and how it can unsubscribe from it.

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