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Sima-lend is one of the largest wholesale online stores of consumer goods in Russia. Sima-lend is more than 5 000 employees and more than 98 000 m² of warehouse space, offices in Ekaterinburg, Moscow, China and Italy, one of the largest stores in the Urals - the hypermarket "Sima-lend", where you can find everything, what you need for comfortable life.

  • Approximately 300,000 users daily
  • More than 3,500 committed orders on the site every day
  • The average check from 20 000 rubles
  • A high percentage of conversion from issued to delivered orders - 80%
  • Wide assortment: more than 600 000 goods which will be useful, both in business, and on rest and in a life
  • Free delivery in the shortest time
  •  The consumer has the opportunity to use goods from manufacturers from 50 countries (Russia, Italy, Poland, Brazil, China, India, Vietnam, USA)

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