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Loan wizard helps clients to choose the best bank products with the highest approval chance. The search is based on individual rating of a client. Based on this rating the service calculates approval rate and finds the best option for the client. 

All types of credit products:

consumer loans

credit cards

mortgage and others

When client gets his result, he can apply online to a bank and know bank’s decision.

About the product:

Loan amount up to 30 000 000 rubles

Maximum credit term – up to 60 months

Interest rate from 8,9%

Borrower requirement:

Age from 21 to 67 years

Credit history – good and higher (or never toke a loan)

Citizenship / Registration of the Russian Federation

Accepted lead:

Pre-approved unique user who was given his credit rating and list of recommended offers through the service

Not subject to approval:

Bad credit history

Double accounts

No in geo targeting


The use of any unlisted traffic sources needs to be agreed with advertiser

Self-made ad materials/e-mail text needs to be agreed with advertiser. The material must be finished before sending for approval

When creating an ad text, consider that it is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN:

Misleading users in any form

Placing and sending promotional materials on behalf of the advertiser

Use of redirect domains without prior approval

Promotion of the product as a service for obtaining a credit rating, using this idea as the basis of an advertising campaign, a call to action, etc.

Breaking the rules can lead to ban and rejection of all leads. 

Destinos (1):

Mostrar todos

Condições adicionais:

Any incentives (offers, comptetions and etc.)
Any kind of SPAM
Redirect (pop-up, clickunder and other formats where user does not give a concent)
Adult (18+)
Posts on behalf of

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    Publisher`s commission is 210 rub for сonfirmed application . The offer is available on Basic level. Join and earn money!