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Rússia (Cidades: Kostroma, Moscow, Região Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Região de Pskov, São Petersburg, Tambov)


Papa John's is world-famous pizza delivery restaurant chain, one of the three leading pizza delivery businesses in the world.

Attention! Strictly forbidden:

1 - To place coupons and promos, which are not present in Actionpay. Orders using promocodes, which are not present in AP will be cancelled.

2 - To create social media groups on behalf of Papa John’s

- Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other social media accounts

-Creating accounts in any social medias, faking official Papa John’s accounts

3 - Spamming by email, on social medias and Papa John’s apps. Except for (to be agreed):

-  Recommendation mailings for users subscribed for it. Mailing must be done from the service owners.  

-  Push-messages from the owners of such services

4 - It is prohibited to post any comments on behalf of Papa John’s
- Ads/comments in official Papa John’s social groups

5 - To use advertising materials with Papa John’s logo and brand, which are not present on Actionpay without agreeing with advertiser

6 - Strictly forbidden:

Incent traffic

Any brand search



Any violations will lead to disconnecting from the campaign and cancelled orders. 

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