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MIXIT.RU – this is a modern Russian brand specializing in the production and sale of natural cosmetics for face, hair and body.

MIXIT.RU – is a self-made cosmetics, where you can choose ingredients and we make a product from it. This is not a cream from the store, which can cause an allergic reaction or just be useless for your skin. It is not a home cosmetics either, which is barely effective. This is your personal cosmetics, developed for you, made from high quality ingredients with help of cosmetologists.

MIXIT.RU is a unique opportunity to customize cosmetics, that will be perfect for your skin and hair.

Also a wide range of pre-made creams, gels, face and body scrubs, bath salts and soaps, shampoos and balms for any type of skin and hair.

Delivery all over Russia and Kazakhstan.
Free delivery over 3000 rubles

Advantages of working with MIXIT.RU:

Professional consultancy

Help from specialists

Sales and special offers



Only high-quality ingredients, the origin of which is easy to track

Next day delivery Moscow, Moscow Region and St. Petersburg

If an order was made with promo code issued not for the CPA channel, the order is not paid. 

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Messenger (Telegram, WhatsApp) - по согласованию!

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  • ontem, 12:40 Attention! "MIXIT"offer is stopped.

    The offer is stopped from 01-08-2021. Please redirect your traffic to other offers.

  • 23/06/2020, 18:57 "MIXIT" offer is reactivated!!

    Publisher`s commission is 14,60% for a paid order, 7,30% for a paid order with a promotional code. The offer is available on Basic level. Join and earn money!

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