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Oroszország (cities: Moszkva, Szentpétervár)


Online-supermarket is a successful project of large federal network of supermarkets that offers the expanded range of goods with delivery around Moscow.

The catalog contains more than 15 000 names among that are food and delicacies, goods for mothers and kids, household chemicals and means of hygiene, goods for house and garden, food and accessories for animals, crockery and autogoods.
The loyalty program Perekrestok Club works in the online-supermarket. The members of the Club can accumulate points and pay with them.
Actions and special offers on the website are updated every day!
We select only reliable suppliers, we control quality and shelf life of the arriving products, we select the freshest and high-quality goods.
Clients can make the order on the website by themselves or with the help of call center operators, choose convenient time of delivery or use free shipping.
All orders from the online-supermarket are transported in the special cars equipped with systems of necessary temperature conditions maintenance. Goods are packed into company bags, placed in special containers and are sealed up when are set in a warehouse.

Purchasing on is:
  • Full range of goods
  • Special offers and discounts
  • Careful everyday delivery on convenient time
  • Points of shipment at own expense in retail shops
  • Purchase payment by cart, cash or points of Club
  • Privileges and personal offers for the members of the Club

Advantages to webmasters:
  • Famous brand, the leader of Russian market in sales in  supermarket format. 
  • 11 million members of the Club, 57% of buyers are from Moscow.
  • Flexible system of general/individual/unique promo codes
  • Exclusive promo codes on demand
  • Preparation of creatives and advertizing materials on demand

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Просьба рекламные размещения таргетировать только на Москву (в другие регионы доставка не осуществляется)

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  • 30/05/2019-n 14:21kor Attention! A new and current logo has been added to the offer!

    Use the new logo in your work, please.

  • 01/03/2019-n 12:47kor Attention! Change in terms and conditions of "Perekrestok" offer!

    From today, there are new rewards in the offer, depending on the type of traffic.

    Please see details in the offer description.

  • 15/02/2019-n 15:59kor Attention! Change in terms and conditions of "Perekrestok" offer!

    The offer is now available on Basic level by individual request.

    Join and earn money!

  • 06/02/2019-n 14:15kor Attention! New bonus program for the "Perekrestok" offer!

    The bonus program is valid from February 2019.

    Details in the description of the offer.

  • 01/02/2019-n 16:21kor Attention! According to the offer "Perekrestok" Cashback-traffic as agreed!

    Cashback traffic can be used as agreed from today!

  • 25/01/2019-n 14:59kor Attention! New promotion in "Perekrestok"!

    CYBER! A week online is cheaper!

    Terms of the promotion: from 01/28/19 to 02/03/19

    Landing page and new banners are added.

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