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Вознаграждение вебмастера за оплаченный туристический страховой полис или оплаченный страховой полис Covid-19 составляет 15%.
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Cherehapa is a unique online insurance service that allows you to choose the best insurance terms for your trip in a convenient, understandable and simple way. You can make a policy choice among 18 insurance companies. All orders can be issued only online.
Advantages for clients:
  • Possibility to order a policy from anywhere in the world
  • A policy can be acquired by a citizen of any country
  • There are automatic prompts to clients, helping to add the necessary options to the policy
  • The cost of the policy is lower than that of insurance companies
Advantages for publishers:
  • Cherehapa - the leader in the market of electronic insurance
  • A unique project that has no analogues in Russia
  • Own insurance calculator, allowing you to place an order directly on the Cherehapa website
  • Recognizable brand with high loyalty among customers
  • High Conversion

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GEO: The whole world.
The audience is Russian-speaking.

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  • 11/10/2017-n 15:29kor Attention! Changed the conditions for the offer Cherehapa insurance!

    Attention! Changed the conditions for the offer Cherehapa insurance!
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