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Oroszország (cities: Jekatyerinburg, Leningrádi terület, Moszkva, Moszkvai terület, Szentpétervár, Szverdlovszki terület)


EVO Impressions – on of the oldest gift- store in Russia. Established in 2007. The idea was to gift friends and loved ones something that they will never forget: first ski experience, tea ceremony or master-class of Italian cuisine from famous chief. Choose one of the impressions. 

Benefits for customers: 
  • Wide range of gifts.
  • Good reputation within partners.
  • High quality service.
  • Chain stores.
  • Convenient and fast delivery.

Advantages for publishers:

  • High commission rate.
  • Regular updates of sales and promo activities.
  • High standards.
  • Reliable partners.
  • High site traffic.
  • Personal promo codes possible.

Geo: Moscow, Moscow Region, St. Petersburg, Leningrad Region, Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Region.
Target audience: Females 25-45 years old. 
Average order value: 4200 rub.

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