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NEWBALANCE.RU is the official NB site in Russia. Here you can choose and purchase footwear, clothing and accessories of the legendary brand.

We have collections for men, women and children.
- For running
- For fitness
- For football
We have all the new products and a Sale section.
Why clients choose NewBalance:
- World class brand
- Wide presence in shopping centers throughout Russia
- Free shipping throughout Russia if the purchase amount is above 10 000 rubles
- We have products for men, women and children
- Fast delivery, try-on, return and exchange
- The loyalty program
Why affiliates choose the New Balance partnership program:
- High payout – a partner`s comission is 6,10% with the average cheque of 11 000 rubles
- High conversion rate
- Regular promotions and collection renewals
- We care about our affiliates! You can always contact a manager to discuss your ideas and needs
It is forbidden to use promo codes and coupons which were not allowed for use in CPA networks and weren`t mentioned in the offer. It means you cannot use coupons and promotions from emails, website or offline ads.
It is forbidden to place “promo code” search ads without adding “newbalance” and similar variants to negative keywords.   

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Запрещено использовать любые промокоды и акции, которые не разрешены к использованию в CPA сетях и не были опубликованы в оффере. То есть нельзя брать купоны и акции из рассылок, самостоятельно с сайта интернет-магазина и оффлайн рекламы.

Запрещено размещение контекстных рекламных объявлений по запросу "промокоды" без добавления в минус-слова newbalance или любым аналогичным вариантом.

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  • 24/12/2018-n 16:51kor Attention! New promotion in ""offer!

    10% discount on the entire range promotion is launched! Coupon and new banners are added.

  • 05/10/2017-n 16:31kor New promo for webmasters from "".

    From 9/10/2017 to 9/01/2017 new competition for webmaster. Details in description.

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