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Electronic discounter "CITILINK" - one of the largest Russian online-store trading on the Russian market since 2008.

The range includes more than 50 000 items of home appliances, digital electronics, and other product categories from leading manufacturers.
"CITILINK" - is the same name  of the online trading platform, 27 flagship stores with thousand square meters areas, and more than three hundred points of issue of the goods, which are represented in many Russian cities.
All e-commerce center is equipped with terminals for self-ordering, cash payment and the issuance-windows. The number of visits to the site in 2014 was more than 350 thousand per day. Hotline also works in "CITILINK" , providing round the clock support for customers +7 (495) 780-20-02
The benefits for webmasters:
  • A high percentage of rewards
  • Wide list of sources
  • A large online player with a high conversion
  • The percentage of confirmed orders (80%)
  • Regular promotions and sales
  • A wide range of promotional materials

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