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Leírás: is in the top 5 leading online-travel agencies in Russia. More than 1.2 million tickets were sold in 2015.

Biletix - it's low prices, flights to any point of the world, air tickets of all airlines in the world and the minimum margin.
Biletiks cooperates with all reservation systems: Amadeus, Sabre, Sirena Travel, Sirena 2.3, Galileo, which is more than 800 airlines. If the airline sells their tickets via the Internet - and then Biletix sells also.

Advantages for customers:
1. The most flexible selection of air travels with optimal flight connections.
2. Flight insurance, luggage, flight delays. Online check-in. Return tickets.
3. Call Center 24/7.
4. Online and offline payment methods. Guarantee of payment security.

The advantage for publishers:
1. Site uptime 99.9%.
2. High conversion of the reservation in the order of 85%.
3. Easy and clear order form.
4. Payment of the return order.
5. The average ticket check in 2015 10 500 rubles (middle order - 1.5 tickets).

If the ticket can be purchase online - you can buy in Biletix.
Forbidden: Context branded and non-brand advertising.
GEO of customers:
94% - Russia:
30% - Moscow
16% - Moscow region
14% - St. Petersburg and the region

Customer demographics:
52% - 25-34 years
16% - 35-44 years
15% - 18-24 years
Sex: male approximately equal (48%) and women (52%).

Most popular destinations:
From Moscow:
Moscow - Simferopol
Moscow, Saint Petersburg
Moscow - Sochi
Moscow - Krasnodar
Moscow - Tel Aviv
Moscow - Burgas
From Saint-Petersburg:
Saint Petersburg - Moscow
St. Petersburg - Kiev
Saint Petersburg - Simferopol
To Moscow:
Saint Petersburg - Moscow
Simferopol - Moscow
Krasnodar - Moscow
Novosibirsk - Moscow
Yekaterinburg - Moscow

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  • 29/07/2021-n 17:33kor Attention! Change in terms and conditions of "Biletix" offer!

    From 01.08.2021, the reward for the paid order of the air ticket will be 1.92%.

  • 01/02/2021-n 11:41kor Attention! "Biletix" offer raises payout!

    From today, the "Biletix" offer increases the reward up to 2.35% for the paid order of the air ticket.

  • 22/11/2018-n 13:29kor Attention! "Biletix" offer raises payout!

    From 23-11-2018 till 12/07/2018 "Biletix" offer has its commission increased to 30% for an paid order

    Details in the description of the offer.

  • 22/11/2017-n 16:46kor Attention! Commission increase in "Biletix" offer for Black Friday!

    From 23rd to 26th November publisher`s commission for a paid order is 2,6%.
    Have a nice work!

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