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LEOMAX Group – №1 telesales store in Russia. 
In 8 years «LEOMAX» became leader on telesales market in Russian with with multi-million annual turnover.
LEOMAX Group has more than 1500 employees 
Benefits of the offer:
For publishers:
  • Well-established brand 
  • Stable payouts 
  • High commission 
  • Alot of ad materials 
For customers
  • More than 50 thousand goods available 
  • 24 hours call-center (more than 1000 employees)
  • Low prices 
  • Fast courier delivery 
  • Own brands of clothing and electronics 
  • Day and night TV channels LEOMAX, Shop24, Discounts with multi-million audience 

Geo – 40% Moscow and 60% - Russia

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