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Krasotkapro is the multi-branded online store of beauty products that managed to become one of the largest in Russia and to make a network of retail stores in 5 years.
Everyone can find products providing the most careful care for your appearance in our online store of cosmetics: nails, skin and hair. Incredibly wide assortment and well-known brands become even more attractive thanks to reasonable prices.
The highest quality of products is confirmed with the certificates and guarantees an excellent result, and fast delivery helps to avoid impatience.
Online store of cosmetics for hair and nails KrasotkaPro- is the choice of professionals!
Advantages for customers:
  • the catalog containes more than 11 000 names of products, including more than 5000 colors of gel covers! And all available;
  • only high-quality and safe products that passed all test stages and received certification;
  • cooperation only with official suppliers and producers;
  • the prices at the level of wholesale;
  • guarantees availability of goods, its quality, delivery, payment when obtaining, return;
  • the most complete information about each product. The instruction, photo or video of master class of its use is attached to each product;
  • the certified masters give professional advice, shoot video on the correct technology, write articles and reviews and give advice on design — several times a week; 
  • regular campaigns, work with direct suppliers helps to get good discount directly;
  • various payment methods and deliveries.
Benefits for publishers:
  • High average check;
  • Regular campaigns;
  • 5 stars on Yandex. Market;
  • Attractive promotional materials;
  • Constant development of marketing functionality of online store, fixed monitoring of service quality, development of transport opportunities for cost reduction of delivery to regions.
Portrait of the buyer:
Women: 97%
Men: 3%
Age ratio:
From 20 to 30 years: 50%
From 31 to 40 years: 35%
From 41 to 50 years: 10%
Professional differentiation:
90% of clients: fans and private manicurists

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