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PS-Box.ru, online gift shop - the market leader in gift certificates!

Gift Store - offers experiences to acquire a remarkable certificate, packed in a beautiful box. This certificate entitles you to choose one of unusual gifts, experiences and use it for its intended purpose, it is done for themselves something unexpected and attractive.

Here are some gift ideas: Hot air ballooning or sports plane. Air paragliding or walk for fans of adrenaline kart. Shooting range, Thai massage, a theatrical evening, recording songs in the studio, Japanese manicure, make-up workshop, dance workshop, horse ride, a master-class snowboarding or windsurfing - all this can be found in gift certificates PSBOX.

Benefits for publishers:

- Index CR (conversion rate) for PS-Box.ru above 1.2%.

- Target people project: women and men from 20 to 50 years.

- Geography: all Russia.

- The catalog offers more than 600 services and gift certificates.


Prices in the catalog P.S.BOX start 600rub.

Benefits for customers:

- Typically, the certificate is present in more than 20 different services, and the one who is present, can choose any of them.

- If the destination is not present may choose one of the options catalog PSBOX, we will exchange absolutely free gift to any other with the same price.

- P.S. BOX delivers presents to all the major cities of Russia.

- We guarantee quality!

- Call-center is open from 9.00 hours to 21.00 hours.

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  • 17/11/2017-n 14:18kor New banners in "P.S.Box" offer!

    Colourful banners on the subject of Black Friday were added.

    You are welcome to use them!

  • 17/11/2017-n 12:48kor Attention! New promotion for the period of Black Friday was added in "P.S.Box" offer.

    Discounts to 40% for ALL gift certificates.

    Promotion is valid from 15:00 on 23.11.17 to 12:00 on 27.11.17.

    See details in the Promotions section.

    You are welcom to use it!

  • 30/10/2017-n 11:55kor The top products were added in offer "P.S.Box".

    Top 100 gift certificates and top sets of gift certificates of September 2017 have been added to the offer.

    You are welcome to use them!

  • 23/10/2017-n 18:12kor Attention! The "P.S.Box" offer had its comission increased by 20%.

    From 24.10.17 to 19.11.17 inclusive offer had its commission increased to 553,85 RUB for a paid order.

    Join and earn money!

  • 23/10/2017-n 17:54kor Attention! New promotion Halloween was added in "P.S.Box" offer.

    There is 17% discount for the whole range.

    Promotion is valid until 19.11.17 inclusive.

    See details in the Promotions section.

    You are welcome to use them!

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