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Oroszország (cities: Brjanszk, Brjanszki terület, Volgográd, Volgográdi terület, Jekatyerinburg, Kazán, Krasznodar, Krasznodari határterület, Leningrádi terület, Moszkva, Moszkvai terület, Nyizsnyij Novgorod-i terület, Nyizsnyij Novgorod, Omszk, Omszki terület, Rjazanyi terület, Rjazany, Szentpétervár, Szaratov, Szaratovi terület, Szverdlovszki terület, Szurgut, Tula, Tulai terület, Hanti-Manysi Autonóm Körzet)


Due to the frequent cases of applications for the return of a percentage of the purchase directly to the OBI store in all promotional materials is necessary to specify that cashback is only returned when placing an order online, and only on your site! With a large number of appeals and complaints from your users directly to the store, webmaster will be disconnected from the work with offer.

Attention! From 01.09.2016 orders worth less than 500 rubles will not be paid.

Construction hypermarket OBI - Country house and Garden goods, Home and Repair. OBI catalog includes more than 50 000 names of tools, equipment and goods for сountry house and пarden of the world's leading manufacturers, as well as high-quality and low-cost production of our own brands. A nice addition to high-quality goods - detailed instructions, tips, and expert advice to help yourself to realize any design and landscape solutions.

At the moment in Russia opened 23 hypermarkets OBI: 7 - in Moscow, 5 - in St. Petersburg, 2 - in Nizhny Novgorod, 2 - in Yekaterinburg, one hypermarket in Kazan, Omsk, Volgograd, Krasnodar, Saratov, Ryazan and Surgut.

Customers of OBI stores have an opportunity to use a variety of additional services, namely: organized goods delivery, cutting fabric and sewing curtains, selection of colors studio, quick loan processing for the purchase, various financial services, cut tops and wood, all kinds of repair and construction services, exchange and return, providing instructions "Hand Made".

Advantages of working with offer OBI:
  • Worldwide known hypermarket;
  • The broad target audience;
  • Graphic materials of excellent quality;
  • High conversion;
  • Regular promotions.

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  • 15/05/2020-n 17:03kor Promo code traffic in the" OBI " offer is prohibited

    From 22.05.2020, promo code traffic is completely prohibited in the offer. The announcement of any promotions and promo codes must be completely stopped, including on cashback platforms, etc.

    Please take this into account in your work.

  • 26/07/2017-n 10:00kor Attention! New banners added to OBI offer!

    13 new banners were added. Welcome to use them!

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