Finn Flare
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FiNN FLARE - is a popular retail chain stores of clothing and accessories in casual style for women and men. European quality mark, registered in 1965.

The rights in the brand FiNN FLARE owned Finnish company Ruveta OY (Salo, Finland). Since 2006, the president of the company is the former director of the Moscow representative FiNN FLARE - Xenia Ryasova, succeeding Raimo Aaltonen.
FiNN FLARE - is chain store clothing and accessories for women and men. Today FiNN FLARE holds leading positions in the Russian apparel market in the price segment "average plus". Own retail network FINN FLARE has more than 111 stores in Russia and Kazakhstan, and more than 63 franchise stores.
Following the latest fashion trends, in 2000 the company completely changes its marketing strategy. The main priority is given to the development and production of clothing in the style of casual, which expanded the range and fill up collections with new assortment groups. At the same time FiNN FLARE enters a very perspective and broad market of Russia and the CIS. If the native Finland and Scandinavia FiNN FLARE collections were presented in large department stores, the new markets it was decided to develop a network of branded stores FiNN FLARE. In 2003 in Moscow, opened the first brand store FiNN FLARE and Russian design bureau, putting, thus beginning a rapid conquest of the Finnish brand of the Russian market. One after another, there are shops FiNN FLARE in all regions of Russia and Kazakhstan.

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