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Purchase of a CTP policy
Valuta: RUR
ID célok: 20047 (Aktív)
692.31 p maximum 37 days
átlagban 30 days
30 days 100%




LLC "SK "Soglasie" has been successfully operating on insurance market for more than 27 years.

The company holds its position and constantly increases the number of policyholders.



Only when every employee cares about the result the high level of trust can be achieved.


The trust is not possible without honest


The ability to openly and honestly do your responsibilities.

-Service leadership

Prompt and high-quality settlement of losses


People – arekeyassetofthecompany. The widest possibilities for development and self-realization are present. 

Benefits for customers:

Online OSAGO in 5 minutes, 3 steps

Personal prices for policies, discount for no accidents driving

Insurance cover up to 500 000 roubles without visiting office with no commission and overcharge

24/7 Assistance


Well known brand, more than 27 years on the market

Many traffic types and instruments available

Media coverage High payout

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További feltételek:

Not a lead:
The user did not enter the car number for calculation
The user did not enter the vehicle data and information about the drivers
The user did choose the use and start date of the policy
The user did not pay for the issued policy;

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