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TBM-Market — the largest supplier of high-quality components and accessories for the production of windows, doors, double-glazed windows and furniture. High quality of service, wide range and favorable delivery conditions are the main advantages of working with our Company.
In 2011, the Company launched a separate retail project called TBM-Market.

TBM-Market — this is an online store of components for repair and construction, interior and exterior decoration, furniture manufacturing. We carefully approach the selection of supplied products and offer our Customers only high-quality products from leading manufacturers from Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, as well as the best domestic manufacturers. Our partners are respected companies all over the world. Among them are such names as Roto, Zobel, Werzalit, Moeller, Giesse, Aereco, Alvic, Internika and others.

Benefits for publishers:

  • Fast order processing -- no later than the next business day
  • Its own delivery service
  • Periodic promotions and mailings
  • The range is constantly being worked out, new products and directions are added
  • Constant improvements to the site: calculators for calculations, forms for adding complex goods to the cart for calculation, etc.
  • The percentage of redemption of goods when placing goods on the site is close to 95%
  • Loyalty system, issuing a discount card from the purchase of 5000 rubles

Benefits for customers:

  • Loyalty system:
    • Discount savings card 5% — from 5000 rubles
    • Discount savings card 7% — from 25000 rubles
    • Discount savings card 10% — from 50000 rubles
  • Possibility of registration of goods under the order - the size and color of facades, tinting of paint, etc.
  • Periodic promotions and mailings

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