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All countries, except: Írország, Törökország, Görögország, Spanyolország, Olaszország, Franciaország


Compensair - allows you to receive compensation for the ticket in case of cancellation or delay of flight, and when denied boarding. The service works with 100 + popular airlines in 40 countries around the world.

With Compensair, each passenger can receive up to 600 euros of compensation if the case is successful. All the questions about documentation, communication with airlines and appeal to the court undertakes Compensair. The Commission Compensair for the services is 25% of the amount of compensation received from airlines at the end.

Benefits of the affiliate program:

  • High payouts: €12 - €20 per confirmed application;
  • Large target audience (more than 10 million people each year can receive up to 600 euros of compensation);
  • Filing of the application is free for the client, which significantly increases the conversion
  • Strong brand awareness is supported by active advertising campaigns in Facebook (monthly spent from $30,000);
  • A large set of advertising materials in different languages (banners, posts, videos);


  • service is free-25% Commission is withdrawn only in case of successful receipt of compensation;
  • extensive experience with 100 + popular airlines in 40 countries;
  • average compensation for customers is € 450;
  • all risks and costs are borne by the company;
  • User doesn't need to deal with paperwork – the whole process of obtaining compensation the company undertakes;
  • free flight check that takes less than a minute;
  • highest payout;
  • Compensair have stron positoin in avia-compensations market, especialy in CIS;
  • brand awareness is supported by active promotion on Facebook (RUB 1 + million monthly);
  • karmically positive business-people really get paid for the inconvenience - the company achieves justice!


  • behavioral characteristics work fine, targeting people who have either recently returned from a foreign trip or are now in it, people who often go on business trips, etc.;
  • interest targeting also works well: interest in plane travel, frequent travel, foreign travel;
  • expats and people who regularly fly home from work;
  • in addition to travel-related topics, interests related to the level of prosperity above average work well: for example, people who regularly dine in restaurants (Foodies is one of our best audiences), as there is a high chance that they travel.


  • completed and accepted application for compensation;
  • test orders of webmasters are not paid;
  • conversions with empty referer are not counted (you cannot see the source of traffic).

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