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Ausztria, Németország, Oroszország


One of the biggest hotel operators in Russia by the number of rooms and geo – about 7000 rooms in 37 hotels in 29 cities of Russia, Germany, Austria and Israel.

Founded in Russia and became international the hotel chain of business-class with single booking center, common corporate culture and standards of service.

Advantages for publishers:

  • Promo activities
  • Post-click 30 days
  • Regular testing and web-site updates
  • Stable payouts
  • About 7000 rooms in 37 hotels
  • Average order value – 12 000 rubles

Benefits for clients:

  • Center-located hotels in the biggest cities of Russia, Germany and Austria.
  • Organization of private and business events
  • Comfortable and modern banquet and conference rooms
  • Loyalty program for regular guests
  • Mileage accrual program 

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