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Paid insurance policy
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«Rosgosstrakh» - is one of the leading nationwide insurance companies in Russia, founded in 1921. It is reliable protection in unexpected cases. Guaranteedhealthcareservice. Morethan 6000 clinics.
Advantages for publsihers:

Private person insurance

Insurance cover up to 100 000$

10% discount for insurance policy when covering all addition risks

20% discount on insurance for Schengen

From 2 cu for 1 baggage insurance

Online purchase

Insurance policy by e-mail

2 minutes registration

Pay by card

Target audience:

Women 64%;

Men 36%;

Middle age: 23 - 44 years;

Site attendance: 1,131,000 sessions, 662,514 users;

Average bill: 2000 rubles.

Main interests:
Tourism, car rental, cruises, traveling in Europe.
Health and beauty.

Main geos:

Moscow and Moscow Region;

St. Petersburg;

Sverdlovsk region;

Krasnodar region;

Nizhny Novgorod;

Republic of Bashkortostan;

Republic of Tatarstan;

Novosibirsk region;

Rostov region;

Samara Region

"Rosgosstrakh", licensed by Bank of Russia, license - SL №0001 and SI number 0001, issued 06.06.2018, unlimited.


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