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Oroszország (cities: Moszkva, Tver, Tula)


Quke – popular and convenient online store of electronics, gadgets, smart devices and accessories.

Friendly site, fast delivery and pick up points near metro stations.

Advantages for publishers:

  • Stable pay-outs
  • High conversion rate
  • Many traffic types allowed
  • Fast order processing

Benefits for clients:

  • 3 year warranty for all smartphones
  • 30 minutes delivery to pick up point
  • Fast delivery
  • More favorable prices than competitors 

Product category Product ID Commission 
Smartphones and tabletsА11,50%
Quadcopters, gadgets, VR glassesB14,00%
Headphones C17,00%
Accessories D125,00%
Airpods and HDDsЕ13,00%

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