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Installation of Yandex.Sovetnik browser extension
Valuta: RUR
ID célok: 18106 (Aktív)
12 p maximum 10 days
7 days 100%




Sovetnik Yandex.Market is a browser extension that helps to make bargains. Every time when product description is viewed, the extension compares this product's prices in stores on Yandex. Market. If a more favorable offer is found, Sovetnik will notify user. Sovetnik finds prices on 9% lower at average. 

Partnership for publishers:

Place advertisement on your site. Every successful installation will make a profit for you.

Payment information: 
Commission is paid for every successful extension installation in any browser compatible with extension (Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Yandex.Browser). Commission is only paid for unique installations – only in browsers with no active Yandex.Sovetnik at the moment of installation.

Publisher`s commission for the Installation of Yandex.Sovetnik browser extension is 12 rubles.

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További feltételek:

Attention! Here are some specific rules to work with the offer:
1. Restriction in the number of sources from 1 publisher, which are approved to work with the offer. The exact number of sources is concluded personally for each publisher. For sources moderation, the publisher should write to his personal manager or Support all the ID's of the sources with an indication of traffic type. Otherwise, the sources will not be approved by the advertiser.
2. To begin your work with an offer you should use your publisher's personal account, where both the link and the banner code are available (you can choose any).
3. Statistics are updated every 6 hours.
4. Statistics shows a total income from a publisher's source in format of no more than 1 action/APID per day, so income for each installation separately is not displayed.