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Ajánlat ID-ja: 10615
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Primeiro depósito confirmado
Comissão escalonada 1-5 players $45,5 6 - 10 players $70 11 - 30 players $87,5 31 - 50 $105 51+ $140
Valuta: USD
ID célok: 15682 (Aktív)
45,5-140 $ maximum 40 days
90 days Nincs adat


Argentína, Brazília


A Tangiers Casino é uma das marcas de cassino mais confiáveis do mercado e foi recentemente lançada no Brasil. O site possui jogos de tabuleiro, poker, apostas desportivas, casino ao vivo, entre outras opções, além de disponibilizar diversos bônus e promoções.

The online gaming is legal in Brazil and Tangiers has a Curacao licence, perfectly safe to play. Being a leader in online casino entertainment, we understand our responsibility towards our customers – offering a superior online gaming experience, while encouraging a responsible gaming attitude.

According to our Responsible Gaming Policy, we don’t allow customers under the age of 18 to join our online casino.

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  • 12/12/2017-n 20:08kor New GEO and banners at Tangiers Casino


    The Tangiers Casino campaign now has a new GEO: Argentina!
    In addition, several new banners were made available.
    The online game is a legal activity in Brazil and Tangiers has the Curaçao license, which makes the game perfectly safe.
    Being a leader in the online casino entertainment industry, Tangiers understands its responsibility to its customers by offering a superior online gaming experience while encouraging a responsible gaming attitude.
    Under the Responsible Gambling Policy, Tangiers does not allow customers under the age of 18 to join the online casino.

  • 31/10/2017-n 19:23kor New e-mail marketing pieces in Tangiers Casino

    New e-mail marketing pieces at Tangiers Casino
    Come check it out!

  • 31/10/2017-n 16:09kor New exclusive coupon in Tangiers Casino


    The Tangiers Casino campaign has an exclusive coupon for Actionpay affiliates.
    Using the code attached to the promotion, the user earns a bonus of R $ 20.00!
    Do not miss out on this incredible opportunity to increase your profits and advertise right now!
    Email marketing available.

  • 17/10/2017-n 21:49kor New offer - Tangiers Casino


    Tangiers Casino is one of the most reliable casino brands on the market and was recently launched in Brazil. The site has board games, poker, sports betting, live casino, among other options, and offers various bonuses and promotions.
    • Commission: $ 45.5 - 140 for first deposit confirmed
    • Postclick: 90 days
    • Promotional material available
    Enjoy the campaign!

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