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Электроника и аксессуары, Смартфоны (JD Коллекция) - 3.00% Украшения и часы (JD Коллекция) - 5.00% Товары для спорта (JD Коллекция) - 5.00% Товары для домашних животных (JD Коллекция) - 5.00% Товары для дома и сада (JD Коллекция) - 5.00% Товары для детей (JD Коллекция) - 5.00% Смартдевайсы и Наушники (JD Коллекция) - 3.00% Остальные категории (JD Коллекция) - 5.00% Одежда (JD Коллекция) - 5.00% Неаффилиатные продавцы 1%-91% - 1.00% Красота и здоровье (JD Коллекция) - 5.00% Компьютеры и аксессуары (JD Коллекция) - 3.00% Камеры и фототехника (JD Коллекция) - 3.00% Игры и хобби (JD Коллекция) - 5.00% Игровые приставки и аксессуары (JD Коллекция) - 3.00% Аудио и видеотехника (JD Коллекция) - 3.00% Аксессуары (мода) (JD Коллекция) - 5.00%
Valuta: USD
ID célok: 18181 (Aktív)
1-5 % maximum 60 days
átlagban 30 days
30 days 100%


Azerbajdzsán, Örményország, Fehéroroszország, Kazahsztán, Kirgizisztán, Moldova, Oroszország, Tádzsikisztán, Türkmenisztán, Üzbegisztán, Ukrajna


JD.ru is the biggest company of direct online sales in China. It offers a wide range of quality authentic goods from reliable producers and designers for a good price and delivers them fast right to your door.

• Direct arrivals from the best producers with marketing permit
• Products meet Russian and international standards 
• Strategic cooperation with Intertek Group plc
• Own department of quality control 
Free shipping starting from 7 days
• Free shipping worldwide
• Certain products can be delivered by SPSR service (approximately 7 days anywhere in Russia)
• You can track your order by track-number

Guarantee service:

• Official guarantee for 1 year
• Guarantee is valid in Russian service centers
• Guarantee covers all smartphones and tablets 

Attention! The following information will help you build the promotion campaign in the most effective way:
Information on JD Collection:
1) №1 in direct sales: JD has 49% of the direct sales market (with no mediators)  
2) №1 in logistics: 123 warehouses in 40 cities, 3210 offices of own delivery service
3) №1 in electronics sales (in 2014 JD had 37.1% of electronics market)
4) Economic figures of JD collection are three times bigger than those of JD Mall
5) Sales volume of JD collection is 6 time bigger than sales volume of third-party sellers of JD Mall

Advantages of working with JD affiliate program:
1) Online shop from China - №2 in terms of popularity for Russian clients.
2) VAST audience in Russia and CIS. A lot of JD Collection brand fans. 
3) Quality creative materials.
4) Wide range of promo landings, promo offers, creative materials. 
5) The advertiser is open to your questions and needs.
Join JD.ru affiliate program!
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  • 2 000 000
    felhasználó havonta
  • 50$
    egy előfizetőre jutó átlagos árbevétel
  • 3.51%
  • Защита покупателя.
  • Оптимальные цены на товары.
  • Быстрая доставка.

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  • 18/01/2018-n 12:45kor Commission change in offer "JD.RU"

    Remuneration for Paid order is from 1,54 to 5.38 % of the amount of the order depending on the product category.

    ALL CATEGORIES IN the COLLECTION JD.RU BESIDES Smartphones and accessories, Computers and office equipment, electronics.3.85 %
    FOR CATEGORIES IN the COLLECTION JD.RU - Smartphones and accessories, Computers and office equipment, electronics.1.54 %

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