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Signup (CPL)
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BongaCams is a fast-growing webcam site with some of the world's most beautiful models. BongaCams lets members watch and interact with thousands of webcam girls around the world. With the best converting models online, BongaCash provides affiliates with the most competitive affiliate options available today.

For affiliates, that violate rules of working with BongaCams offer - payment can be denied!!!


You can download all advertising materials here. 


Desktop traffic rates (SOI)
  • $3.60 Norway, Switzerland
  • $3.20 United States, Sweden, United Kingdom
  • $2.80 Denmark, Australia
  • $2.40 Canada, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Estonia
  • $2.00 France, Finland, Israel
  • $1.60 New Zealand, Netherlands, Italy, Slovakia
  • $1.36 Japan
  • $2.72 Russian Federation
  • $1.20 Ireland, Slovenia, Poland, Iceland, Latvia
  • $1.00 Greece, Spain
  • $0.80 Lithuania, Luxembourg, United Arab Emirates
  • $0.56 Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria
  • $0.40 Croatia, Portugal, FYR Macedonia, Singapore, South Africa, Bahrain, Jordan, Serbia, Argentina
  • $0.80 Kazakhstan
  • $0.40 Ukraine, Belarus
  • $0.15 Republic of Moldova
  • $0.08 China, Mexico
  • $0.04 Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Egypt, India
  • $0.01 The rest of the world 
Mobile traffic rates (SOI)

$2.40 Norway, Switzerland

$1.60 United States, Denmark

$1.75 Australia, Austria

$1.20 Sweden, Israel, France, Slovakia, Liechtenstein, Slovenia

$0.80 Ireland, Finland, Canada, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greenland, Monaco

$0.60 Russia

$0.40 Lithuania, Greece, Poland, Japan, Bulgaria, Belgium, Netherlands, Malta

$0.25 Romania, Hungary, Latvia, Croatia, Cyprus, Serbia, Spain

$0.20 Bahrain, South Africa, Faroe Islands, North Macedonia, Qatar

$0.16 Turkey, Luxembourg, Ukraine, Kazakhstan

$0.08 Portugal, Singapore, New Zealand

$0.04 China, Iceland, India

$0.01 The rest of the world

Rates of the Revival Bonus Program (mobile traffic):

$1- Norway, Denmark, France, Austria, Switzerland, the UK,Australia

$0.82-USA, Canada

$0.80- Sweden, Japan

$0.68- Gemany

$0.50- Netherlands, Belgium, Chech Republic

$0.25- Romania

$0.20-Russia, Spain

$0.35- Israel

$0.40- Italy

$0.17- Hungary


$0.12- Colombia

$0.10-Egypt, Jordan, Bolgaria

$0.09- Ukraine


$0.03-Phillipines, Mongolia, Azerbaijian, Vietnam

$0.02- Turkey

$0.01-the rest of the world

Rates of the Revival Bonus Program (desktop traffic):


$1.22-Hong Kong
$1.20- Canada


$1- Germany Sweden,Belgium


$0.74- Israel

$0.51- Hungary

$0.46- Spain

$0.45- Portugal

$0.40- Russia


$0.33- Japan

$0.27- Romania

$0.25- Moldova

$0.18- Belarus

$0.17- Ukraine

$0.14- Mexico

$0.13- Azerbaijan

$0.09- Turkey

$0.07- Morocco

$0.06- Peru, Armenia

$0.05- Brazil, Sri Lanka, Argentina

Hot Mode increases PPS-rates by x1.25. Hot Mode is automatically activated next week if affiliates earn the required amount specified in the BongaCash account. 
Traffic restrictions:
1) SPAM (all types: emailings, chat traffic from any messengers, spam in comments on boards and social networks, etc.)
2) Incentive traffic (all types: cashback traffic, misleading etc.)
3) Fraud (imitative registrations generated technically or by hands)
4) Traffic from social networks (all types: targeted advertising, posts, comments, private messages etc.)
5) Brand bidding
6) Proxy/VPN

Target audience: males 18+ from all over the world, interested in adult content.
Own promo-materials need approval. 
Promo-materials should not deceive or mislead users.
It is prohibited to use recordings or photos of BongaCams models in promotional materials.
Advertiser (BongaCams) accepts only quality registrations of new users.
Advertiser (BongaCams) carefully monitors traffic quality and activity. 

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  • 08/08/2018-n 01:46kor Paying for Russian traffic at double rates! BongaCams CPL WW

    Paying for Russian traffic at double rates!
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    Starting today there is an incredible new promotion on BongaCash: we are paying for Russian traffic at double rates! 

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    The promotion is on until 13.10.2018

  • 23/01/2018-n 17:24kor Attention! New banners in BongaCams CPL - WW program!

    Please use them in your work!

  • 03/07/2017-n 15:08kor New landing pages in BongaCams CPL (WW)!

    New high-conversion landing pages are added, please use it in your work

  • 29/06/2017-n 16:16kor Attention! Offer "BongaCams CPL (WW)" is launched!

    Publisher`s commission is up to $3.6 for Sign-up.
    Geo: worldwide
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