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Renaissance is an insurance company, that holds licences for any types of insurance.The key insurance programs are: vehicle insurance (CASCO) circa 1997, voluntary health insurance (VHI), travel insurance, and since 2003, third party car liability insurance and since 2006 - property insurance of legal entities. Renaissance is the leader in direct insurance, among the multi-channel insurance companies (sales of insurance through Internet and call center). Market share is about 2.5%. Renaissance occupies the 9th place in terms of sales and payments among the largest insurance groups, the market leaders in voluntary types of insurance. Renaissance was rated A+  for very high reliability.

Travel insurance is a promising segment in the market of online insurance, the second largest after the auto insurance in the online sales quantity of the Renaissance, it is a service that demonstrates a sustainable tendency to growth of demand.

Conditions of the "Travel insurance" program:

1)The basic insurance risk includes only emergency medical treatment
2) Additional insured risks:
  • Activities (insurance while doing any Amateur sports, water activities, riding of motorcycles, horses, paragliders, etc.)
  • Baggage (baggage insurance in transit to the place of a stay and back)
  • The apartment (insurance for your trip duration of your home and its property and liability to neighbors for damage to their property)
  • Accident (payment if the accident will be bodily injury or comes disability or death)
  • Civil liability (liability insurance in case of personal injury and/or property of the third parties)
3) Insured is person, a citizen of any country in the world
4) Insurance amount - 35 000, 50 000 or 100 000 USD/EUR
5) Minimum term of the program - 3 days


The uniqueness of the "Travel insurance" program is that insurance can be purchased by anyone (a citizen of any country), who knows Russian well enough to arrange and pay for insurance on the website of the Russian insurance company.
In case of an insured event, to support the client will be granted by an international partner company. In the countries of residence of the company-assistance contracts with medical institutions and other organizations whose task is to provide you with comprehensive support and assistance in case of an insured event. Mandatory such companies have an official representative who speaks local and English languages for the organization and control of assistance. The international partner company is not conserned with your citizenship - the main thing that you have a "Travel insurance" program card and insurance case is consistent with the terms of the Renaissance Insurance program.

Benefits for publishers:

  • High-quality promotional materials;
  • Great monetization of your site and traffic. 
  • A well-known brand.

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