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Ukraine (except: Donetsk, Donetsk region, Lugansk, Lugansk region)


Tickets - operator for online sale of airline train and bus tickets.

Tickets - not just a booking engine. First of all, it is a platform that unites reservation system, business logic, and payment gateways. one of the few (if not the only, at least in the vast ex-USSR) systems working simultaneously with two leading GDS - Amadeus and Galileo, is not declaratively, but really. This enables the most efficient search routes and prices.
More than 1.5 million passengers have already entrusted your trip!
Benefits for customers Tickets:
  • funded system of bonuses for the users;
  • support professional call center 24/7;
  • accompanied by a passenger from buying a ticket to arrival at destination;
  • guarantee payment security, their own payment gateways;
  • various payment methods.
Benefits for partners Tickets:
  • system health monitoring site 24/7;
  • consistently high attendance: 60 000+ unique visitors per day;
  • high conversion ratio look-to-book 40:1;
  • professional optimization of interfaces, high speed of loading pages;
  • own department of technical development and innovation.

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