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Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, France, Czech Republic.


Chocolate Slim is a weight loss complex based on natural ingredients that amplify each other's effect.

  • Rapidly decreases the excess weight
  • Fights cellulite
  • Eliminates acne

  • 20days
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  • 100 000
    users monthly
  • 55$
    Average purchase size
  • 1%
  • Optimized for Mobile
  • Leader in segment
  • Best service
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  • 21/11/2016, 12:39 New landings for Chocolatslim-EU program.

    Please put landings ID:124240,ID:124293, ID:124296 to use for all geos allowed in the program. All other landings will be deactivated on 26/11/2016.

  • 28/10/2016, 10:45 New offer ”Сhocolate Slim - EU" is launched.

    Get 10.5-21 $ reward for each confirmed purchase order. Available geo – 13 countries. Offer is available for all tariff rates. Join Сhocolate Slim - EU and start earning with us today!


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