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Wikium is an online service for increasing brain efficiency. Wikium simulators are developed on the basis of scientific knowledge about the brain work and are aimed at three basic cognitive functions: attention, memory and thinking. Any skill is a neural connection between the synapses of the brain, and their quality and quantity determine an overall brain performance. If you do not train cognitive abilities, then these connections are lost.

Advantages of Wikium for users:

The service builds an individual training program for each participant after passing the introductory testing. Training is built in such a way that the strengths support the development of the weaker sides. At the same time, the load gradually increases, not allowing the brain to get used and relax. It is important to note the variety of simulators. In order to develop the process evenly and as widely as possible, Wikium offers 40+ simulators. Scientific staff regularly improve the Wikium simulators to make training more effective.

Advantages for publishers:

  • fast processing of sign-ups;
  • high conversion rate;
  • rapidly growing audience of online service users;
  • continuous improvement of the site's interface, its usability;
  • increasing range of simulators for the development of cognitive functions of the brain;
  • modern and highly conversional promotional materials.

Target audience:
  1. Age: from 25 to 55 years.
  2. Gender: men - 50%, women - 50%.
  3. Interests: self-development, foreign languages, meditative techniques.
  4. Device type: mostly desktop users.

Average check: 2 500 rubles.
The site's attendance: 400 000 unique users per month.
Number of registered users: 2 000 000.
Geo-targeting: Russia.

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С 29.09.18 трафик из соц. сети "Вконтакте" по согласованию с рекламодателем.

Offer news:

  • 22/02/2018, 16:50 Attention! "Wikium" offer is launched.

    The commission is 12 rubles for a confirmed registration.

    The offer is available on the Advanced level.

    Geotargeting: Russia.

    Join and earn money!