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Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia


Online sporting goods store "Planet Sport".
"Planet Sports" - is not just a sports online store specializing in products and outdoor. Choosing the right sports clothing and sports equipment from the shop "Planeta Sport", will create the best conditions for a safe ascent, effective workout, rest all family.
In "Planet Sports" presented a huge range of sporting and outdoor goods industry. In the winter - snowboarding, skiing, warm sportswear and city wear. In summer, bicycles, roller skates, everything for hikes. All season - backpacks, tents, shoes for mountaineering, trekking, running, hiking. Also, expanded line of children's products from clothing, shoes and backpacks to ski and snowboard equipment.
"Planet Sports" - is the whole world for athletes, travelers and adventurers - for anyone who doesn't like to sit at home.
Benefits for buyers:
  • The official distributor of many brands.
  • Legal products from manufacturers.
  • A wide range of.
  • The best prices and proven quality sporting goods.
  • Convenient payment methods.
  • Delivery to anywhere in Russia.
  • If the goods do not like, or not come, unimpeded return.
Advantages for the webmasters:
  • A wide range of products, constant updating of assortment.
  • Discounts and promotions on the site is regularly updated.
  • Promotional material for all popular formats.
The target audience:
  1. Climbers
  2. Tourists
  3. Skiers
  4. Climbers
  5. Cyclists
  6. Rollers
  7. Runners
  8. Snowboarders
  9. And all those who are engaged in amateur or professional sports.
Average check:
Winter: 19 000 rubles
Summer: 5 000 rubles

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- Popup
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- Adult Traffic - banned
- Toolbar - banned

Of prohibited conduct contextual advertising, as well as SEO optimization for the brand "Planet Sport" and any of its derivatives (misspellings, change the layout, typos):

· Planet Sports
· Planetasport
· Planetasport
· Planeta sport

Of prohibited conduct contextual advertising on brand «Red Fox» and any derivatives thereof (misspellings, change the layout, typos):

· Red fox
· Redfox
· Red Fox
· Redfoks
· Red Fox
· Redfoks

SEO optimization is prohibited in order to attract traffic branded.

It is forbidden to create a clone website and (or) use an interface similar to the interface of the website

It is forbidden to create groups in social networks on behalf of the company "Planet Sports" and «Red Fox» and use the brand logo and company colors (everything that can confuse the user, and to specify that a group of the official).

Not automatically redirect, or pop-up window from closing, and any other types of intrusive advertising. (PopUp, ClickUnder, and so on. D.)

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  • 19/12/2017, 17:19 Attention! New promotion has been added in the PLANETA-SPORT.RU offer

    New Year's sale started, discounts up to 70%. Coupons and landing page and were added.

  • 22/11/2017, 18:03 Attention! Black Friday in the offer!

    10% discount on the promo code in the period 23.11.17-26.11.17. Added coupon and promotional code in the "Coupons" section

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