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Bonprix Slovakia - is home mail order, which is part of the largest group of its kind in the world - OTTO Versand of Hamburg. The bearer of the offer is a directory Bonprix, which the customer receives free on the first request.
In Bonprix Slovakia can buy almost any clothing and footwear, as men and women, and child, as well as household items (towels, rugs, bedding, etc.). In terms of price and quality, this online shop compares favorably with many other clothing stores, since you can buy high-quality and stylish things very cheap.
In Bon prix can make purchases without fear, since all the goods covered by the opportunity to return and claims. Products in the catalog, imported from all over the world, and all most of them produced in Poland.
Benefits for customers:
Stylish and a wide range;
Low prices;
Own call-center;
Simple return;
Various ways of payment and delivery.
Benefits for Webmasters:
Brand awareness;
Daily promotions and sales;
A large number of loyal customers and loyal users;
A high percentage of conversion, because purchases are made immediately, due to the attractive range bonprix;
Modern and effective marketing materials.
Target Audience: bonprix clients are primarily women, but also offers products for men and children.

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