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Ulmart- is the first Russian retailer of electronics, components, computer and consumer electronics new format. Ulmart managed to combine the advantages of traditional and online store due to innovative technology and modern software, while eliminating their disadvantages. So there is a kibermarket - a unique store of technology, where is no windows, but there are terminals used by customer to choose what he really need.

Ulmart keeps prices down by reducing transaction costs. Ulmart kibermarket warehouse is two to three times greater than shop area, shopfronts are the self-service terminals, instead of sellers - advisers who will help in the selection of goods only on request.

Ulmart advantages for customers:

Online catalog, which contains more than 35 000 items from the leading manufacturers;

The client chooses how he will buy goods. Home delivery or at the point of issuance Ulmart Outpost;

Twenty-four-hours kibermarket, where you can place your order and get it for 15 minutes;

Fair prices for all categories of goods;

Quality service.

Ulmart benefits for webmasters:

Geo-targeting - the entire territory of Russia;

A wide range of promotional materials;

The regular holding of stocks and discounts;

10 million people are involved in loyalty programs;

3.3 million unique visitors per month;

Average bill 8,500 rubles.

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Category "Clothing" and "Footwear" on Ulmart website is temporarily not paid!

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  • 30/01/2015, 15:30 Attention! Important conditions in work with offer "Ulmart - Online electronics store".

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