Atlas for men - Интернет-магазин одежды
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Заказы с использованием купонов бумажного каталога и из рассылки Atlas for men оплате не подлежат!
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ATLAS FOR MEN is an online store of male clothing and accessories for outdoor activities and sports. Company ATLAS FOR MEN is on the market since 1999. It's incredibly popular in Europe and has more than 3 million customers in such countries as France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland. In Russia it first appeared in the spring of 2012. All collections are in France, the clothes deliver to Russia directly from warehouses in Europe.

The target audience:
Age: 25-45
Gender: 60% male / 40% female
The economic factor: the average level of income.
Average bill: 4000 rubles.
Working with an affiliate program ATLAS FOR MEN, your customers receive a large number of advantages:
- Discounts up to 70% (ATLAS FOR MEN is constantly varied stock at very competitive prices);
- 100% guarantee the authenticity of each item;
- Free shipping (regular promotions with free delivery on all territory of Russia)
- Skilled care staff call-center even on weekends;
- Returns;
- 16 products catalogs  from new collections annually distributed free of charge
Your advantages with an affiliate program ATLAS FOR MEN:
- Reliable operation with well-known European company, a member of the multinational holding company De Agostini, one of the largest publishing groups in Europe, founded in 1901. The company is active in more than 39 countries with an annual turnover of more than EUR 1 billion.
- Buyers ATLAS FOR MEN regularly receive news about new promotions and offers, which increases the chance of re-conversion of one attract buyers.
- Promotional materials of excellent quality
Not allowed to use: coupon sites and promo-codes sites, adult, contextual advertising on the brand, retargeting (including click-under / pop-under), as well as advertising on the sites prohibited by the laws of the Russian Federation. It is also forbidden to create and use profiles in social networks and of public, directly or indirectly competing with the official team website of the seller, as well as the use of blog advertising in the official group of advertisers to drive traffic / orders / customers.
Allowed to work only with paid traffic from social networks - TGB advertising, retargeting banners applications, etc.

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